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Professional Pilot Package

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Commercial Rating: Fly for Hire

Dream of flying for an airline or a VIP? The commercial rating is the first step in becoming a professional pilot. Commercial ratings can be accomplished in either single-engine or multi-engine aircraft, or both!

A great addition to your commercial rating is a flight instructor certificate. Becoming a certified flight instructor (CFI) is key in moving up the commercial flying ladder to become an airline captain, for example.

A pilot can become a CFI in single-engine aircraft with a single-engine commercial rating. To become a multi-engine flight instructor (MEI) a pilot needs a commercial rating in multi-engine aircraft.

To be eligible for a commercial pilot rating, a pilot must have a minimum of 250 hours of total flying time in addition to other hour requirements. A pilot’s first commercial rating can be accomplished in either a single or multi-engine aircraft. Once either has been earned the other can be acquired with a simple checkride and no additional written test.

Professional/Career Pilot Training Package

If your dream is to become a career pilot, Blue Ridge Aviation now offers a training program to make your dream a reality. Here are the specifics:

  • $45,000 covers the entire program; Private Pilot License through Multi-Engine Commercial and CFI (Flight Instructor)
  • All training materials and books are included
  • Pilot headset included
  • Average completion time is six months

*Enrollment requires flight school evaluation of student.