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Private Pilot Training Package

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Save money while getting your pilot’s license

$8124 for 45 hours of flying that includes:

  • Made in 3 easy payments of $2,708
  • 33 hours of flight instruction
  • 12 hours of solo flying
  • 15 hours of ground instruction
  • Books/study materials and headset
  • 6 months of Flight Training magazine

The Private Pilot’s License

Your first step towards becoming a pilot

Learning to fly is quicker and easier than you may think and comes with many benefits. If you have no prior training, or a few hours from the distant past, we can get your your Private Pilot’s Certificate (license) in as little as a few weeks or however long you need to take.

The minimum flying time required to be eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate is 40 hours. There are additional requirements that comprise the 40 hour total.